Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Airlines Reviving Minimum Stay Requirements

A recent check by FareCompare.com found that 64 percent of the 5,335 round-trip air fares for sale at UAL Corp.'s United Airlines, for example, had some sort of minimum-stay requirement. Most were two- and three-night stay requirements.

Yes the airlines are dusting off the minimum stay requirements, created by the airline industry in the 90's to j-rake business travelers, whom for reasons passing understanding, actually wanted to get home to their families after business trips.

The difference between the 90's minimum stay requirement and the current days requirement, is that in the 90's corporate travel policies were actually reasonable, thus allowing business travelers to purchase the higher price tickets. Today's corporations, which tend to resemble the crusade period of Lords and Serfs, tend to keep business travelers from purchasing these tickets so that executives and board members don't have to sell off any of their yachts.

The typical corporate travel policy, composed by people in the corporation who don't travel, insists the employee purchase the least costliest ticket, meaning get ready to spend the weekend in Des Moines Iowa after your week of meetings. Don't worry you can always video conference with your kids to see how much they have grown while you were gone and to find out who mommy's new sleepover friend is.

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