Sunday, August 24, 2008

Airline Delay Numbers for June 2008

The US Department of Transportation just released it's airline statistics for June 2008. Delays rose once again in June, keeping with a general trend for 2008. In total, airlines had 70% of their flights arrive on time, here are the individual stats for U.S. Carriers for June:

Best on time performance:

Hawaiian Airlines - 92.2% on time
Pinnacle Airlines - 80.7% on time
Skywest Airlines - 77.9% on time
Alaska Airlines - 77.8% on time

Worst on time performance:

Jetblue Airlines - 64.9% on time
Comair Airlines - 63.4% on time
United Airlines - 59.3% on time
American Airlines - 58.8% on time

Based on these statistics, if you are flying on United or American Airlines you can expect every other flight you are on to be delayed. These two airlines, coincidentally, are the two that have cut back the most on services as well this year.

The worst delayed flights in the country for 2008 to date:

American Airlines - San Francisco to San Juan PR late 100%
American Airlines - Chicago to Dallas Ft. Worth late 96.8%

American Airlines had the most number of flights that were delayed more then 70% of the time, 220 followed by Comair with 65.

As far as major airport go here are your chances of getting out of these cities on time:

Chicago O'Hare - 55.6% on time
New York LGA - 51.2 % on time
New York JFK - 61.6% on time

For loosing your bags, the following airlines were the best at it in June:

American Eagle Airlines lost 10% of customers bags
Mesa Airlines lost 8.48% of customers bags
Comair lost 8.27% of customer bags

All the airlines in bottom slots for lost baggage were regional airlines. On average 1 out of 8 passengers flying on regional carriers arrived without their bag. Look around your regional flight, about 4 of you aren't getting your bag.

The regional carriers also made all the bottom slots for involuntary bumping of passengers for 2008 as well. So not only might your bag not arrive, you might not either. You have 4% chance of being involuntarily being bumped off your regional flight.

There was a three way tie for most number of consumer complaints in June 2008 including Delta, Spirit and United Airlines. I would have to call Spirit the big winner for most number of complaints as they are about 1/8th the size of Delta or United yet managed to get the same number of complaints.

Based on size, once again the regional airlines win the complaint ratio contest making up slots 1 through 8 on highest ratio of consumer complaints.

So there is your June 2008 DOT wrap up for air travel in the U.S. Happy flying all.

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