Sunday, July 6, 2008

Where is Andrew This Week

Hello All,

This week I am off across the pond in Cambridge England to visit our office here. I am staying at the Doubletree Hotel in Cambridge which is right on the river Cam and has a really nice view. After finally getting the WiFi to work I am settling in to the hotel and have explored the city a little bit.

The flight was 7 hours and not to bad really, at first I was a little nervous because I had a rather large seatmate but he was very courteous and we got along fine. Other then being really jet lagged everything on the flight worked well.

I will be here until Thursday this week when I get to fly back home to my family and then turn around and head to Chapel Hill North Carolina for my cousins wedding, but at least that is a family trip so I am looking forward to it.

After we get done in Chapel Hill I am flying off to Boston Mass for next week and a convention in that city but we will cover that in the next episode of Where is Andrew.

Everyone be patient, I am going to respond to hops this week as I can, the Internet at the hotel isn't exactly state of the art but don't worry I haven't forgot about you. Hope everyone has a great week.

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