Saturday, July 19, 2008

Want to Feel Like a Billionaire When you Travel?

Ever wanted to feel like a millionaire when your traveling, how about a billionaire. Zimbabwe's inflation is so bad the country has recently issued a 100 billion dollar bank note to go along with the new 500 million dollar note to adjust for the rapid economy.

So if you really want to feel like a billionaire take a trip down to Zimbabwe. For a plus you can carry around a couple of billion dollars while your there, the down side, you hotel is going to cost about that also, and it isn't the high roller suite at the bellagio.

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Nomadic Matt said...

sometimes i just want to feel like a millionare and not go to a disaster of a country so I go to korea!! :)

Andrew said...

Good point ! And there you can also stay in the world's ugliest hotel

anneberly said...

wow I would like to be a millionaire but here in Canada..lols... Thanks for sharing my friend
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