Wednesday, July 16, 2008

US Air Punishes Pilots for Adding Reserve Fuel on Planes

In today's USA Today, the US Airline Pilots Association took out a full page ad to advise people that US Air pilots were being punished for adding reserve fuel to their planes.

Apparently U.S. Air has ordered pilots to save on fuel by only putting enough fuel in the plane to reach their destination. Pilots, realizing that strange things such as tarmac delays, ground stops and air traffic control problems could happen during their flight, decided to put on some reserve fuel for 15 minutes of additional air time so their plane didn't go plunging into the east river on approach to New York's JFK airport.

We have all played that game in our car on a trip where we see how close to empty we can get the car before we stop at the gas station. U.S. Air is playing the same game not realizing there are more drastic consequences to a 757 running out of gas at 15,000 feet then your daddy's Ford Focus on I-75 South.

After reading the article, I find myself in the rare position of supporting the pilots union. I am all for letting pilots put as much gas as they need to get the plane to the airport. If U.S. Air wants to tack on a reserve fuel fee, knock yourself out, but for the love of everything holy quit punishing pilots.

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Pete said...

I would like to know who is the genius that would even think of such a ridiculous plan. We have enough worries on being blown out of the sky or being flown into a high rise, now we have to worry about not having enough fuel ?

So now my life hangs in the hands of a CEO, that is sitting at home, sipping on Cognac, while my pilot is stressed and wondering if he has enough fuel to land his airplane, that is carrying three hundred passengers.

Me, the islands and the world said...

Isn't that laughable? Pilots being punished trying to be on the safeside. I would rather pay more on gas than be swimminig with the sharks at sea (that is, if i would still be alive)just because my plane's pilot obeyed their moronic rules.

came from my other blog:)

Andrew said...

Im right with you both, and the worst part is the pilots are ignoring the rule because of safety and getting punished by the airlines for it