Thursday, July 17, 2008

United Thanks Me and Then Closes Red Carpet Clubs

So today I receive an email from United thanking me for my loyalty to United and Red Carpet Clubs. As with any email I get from United, if they are thanking me for something it means they are taking something away so low and behold, there thank you was immediately following a list of clubs they are closing to buy more jet fuel. The appropriate title of these emails should be, "Bend Over Here it Comes Again"...I swear its like getting a call at 3 am from your drunk friend saying how much he appreciates you and could you bail him out of jail.

Dear Mr. Andrew,

Thank you for your loyalty to United and the Red Carpet Club.

I am writing to notify you that the United Red Carpet Club® at the following airports will be closing:
  • Atlanta International Airport

  • Baltimore/Washington International Airport

  • Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

  • Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport
With record-breaking fuel costs, we are continually working to better allocate our resources to provide the products and services that matter most to you. The decision to close the clubs was based on a number of factors including customer usage, operating cost and strategic alignment.

Actual timing of each club's closing is still being finalized but we are targeting having all four clubs closed by October 10th of this year.

As always, you will continue to enjoy lounge access to 34 Red Carpet Clubs worldwide and over 500 Star Alliance lounges, provided you have same-day international travel on any Star Alliance carrier.

United appreciates your continued support of the United Red Carpet Clubs.


Jerry Thomas
Jerry Thomas
Manager, Airport Lounge Programs
United Airlines

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