Wednesday, July 30, 2008

United Says It's Own Pilots are Causing Delays

United Airlines filed suit in federal court against its pilots’ union on Wednesday, asking it to stop pilots from engaging in slowdowns it said had led to the cancellation of hundreds of flights in the last 10 days.

The lawsuit, filed in Chicago, seeks a preliminary injunction against the Air Line Pilots Association and four pilots — Steven Tamkin, Robert Domaleski Jr., Xavier F. Fernandez and Anthony R. Freeman — claiming that the union and the pilots had organized an effort to encourage pilots to call in sick. The airline said the union was conducting a “public campaign of intimidation” meant to discourage pilots from filling in for the pilots who used their sick time, “effectively engaging in a slowdown.”

United, the second-largest domestic airline behind American, said the campaign had been under way for a year but had accelerated in recent weeks. United said it had canceled 329 flights from July 19 to 27, disrupting plans for 36,000 travelers. The cancellations cost United “millions of dollars in lost profit, damaging its reputation and customer good will,” the airline said in the lawsuit.

Just another way U.S. Carriers and their employees are looking out for passengers/victims flying on their airlines. Of course this will lead to another bankruptcy which Americans will have to bail them out of while they act like 5 year olds. Just let them all go bankrupt, it is the best possible thing that could happen.

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