Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Delta dismissed from fatal 2006 crash lawsuits

A federal judge in Lexington Ky has ruled that Delta had no control over the operations or personnel involved in the fatal Comair crash where pilots for that airline decided that a taxiway looked just like a runway.

"Delta has no right to fire or otherwise discipline Comair pilots for violating Comair's polices or procedures and/or aviation regulations," the judge wrote.

"In short, there is no allegation that any Delta employee failed to exercise reasonable care in the performance of his/her duty in any manner in respect to Flight No. 5191," Forester wrote.

Due to the decision, Delta Airline decided that passengers on Comair Flight 5191 would only receive 2 Skymiles for their flight, reflecting the actual miles flown for the flight. Additionally, Delta is still not sure where the baggage or the claims for damage luggage are but will look into the matter as soon as gas prices go down and they can actually hire baggage reps again.

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