Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Bad Week For Flying Northwest Airlines

Northwest Airlines has had a bad week for flying, three emergency landings in three days.

Yesterday, a Northwest flight from Tampa to Detroit had to make an emergency landing during a Dayton Ohio air show when one of the engines on their 757 failed. The 182 passengers were bussed to Detroit, which considering this week for Northwest was probably a safer alternative then flying.

On Sunday, a Northwest flight from Philadelphia made an emergency landing in Eau Claire Wisconsin, better know as the middle of nowhere, when smoke started entering the Airbus cockpit. The passengers were transferred to another plane to continue to Minneapolis MN.

Today, a Northwest flight from Minneapolis to Chicago O'Hare had to land in Madison Wisconsin, a little closer to no where, when the plane suffered a computer malfunction in the pressurization system. The passengers, who were happy not to be going to O'Hare anymore, just stayed in Madison.

So apparently the FAA inspection system, which was broken just a couple of months ago forcing many airlines to cancel flights because the planes hadn't been inspected since the Carter administration, is working just fine now. On the upside, Wisconsin got to add two new non-stops to their state for the day.

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