Saturday, July 19, 2008

American Airlines, Bring Back Food and Forget Missile Defense

At a time when U.S. Carriers are charging for bags, food, drinks, seats, exit rows, smiles, oxygen and everything else under the sun, American Airlines think this is the perfect time to add a million dollar per plane missile defense system.

I am guessing the weight of the missile defense system, which would protect planes from shoulder mounted guided missiles, which are a constant threat to planes landing in Jackson Hole Wyoming, weigh less then the video entertainment system they are jerking out of every plane to save on fuel. Instead airlines are issuing shadow puppets to the flight attendants for entertainment because you definitely don't have movies anymore....and the question is, you think this is the right time to add missile defense systems to airplanes???

U.S. carriers can't pass an FAA inspection these days, so I don't think that terrorist are going to have to bother shooting any of the planes down because a couple of more months of $4 a gallon fuel they are all just going to fall out of the sky anyhow. But for reasons passing understanding, the government is giving BAE, a defense contractor, about $29 million dollars to develop this retarded system. Lets see what else could be bought for $29 million dollars that would actually help airline passengers, because right now on a couple of flights I have been on, being shot down would be a better option then spending another hour on the runway at LaGuardia waiting to take off:

- 69 million bags of peanuts

- 5.5 million cokes for passengers

- 467 new baggage screeners at the airport

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