Friday, June 13, 2008

US Airways to Start Charging for Water and Softdrinks

More really good news from the air carriers in the United States. US Airways today announced that they will begin charging $2.00 for water and softdrinks on their flights...more good news, you can only pay cash because they don't have credit card readers. So lets recap the latest fees:

You pay for your ticket - $200.00 (example)
You pay to check your bag - $25.00 a bag x 2 = $50.00
You pay for a seat by the window, aisle or emergency exit = $20.00
You pay for your coke on the plane = $2.00
You pay to book your ticket with a human = $15.00
You pay to check in with a human at the airport = $15.00
You pay for your snack on the plane = $5.00

Total for your trip $307.00

My suggestion for the air carriers in the U.S., why not just raise the price of the ticket so we dont have to carry around a wad of $20's to throw at you like your were the doorman at the Waldorf. Lets just assume for a second that most passengers take flights with bags, need to book their ticket with the airlines, want peanuts, have luggage and dont want to sit in the rear of the plane by the bathroom, just make the ticket $307.00 because honestly its starting to make your flight attendants look like hookers running through the aisles taking money from everyone.

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Pinay WAHM said... I wish we can just grow wings so these airline companies can just shove their planes up their umph!

Next time we know it, they will be charging us for the air we breath in their planes.

Oh well....I hope things get better soon.


Borneo Falcon said...

In my region, only low cost carrier charge all those things. Full fledge airlines here don't have those additional charges

eunice said...

I have been telling people how nice it's for low cost carriers like US Airways to serve drinks and snacks like pretzels! And now, hmmmm....