Sunday, June 1, 2008

Try An Airline With No Baggage Restrictions

If you are sick and tired of dealing with airlines that have annoying baggage restrictions and fee's for extra baggage there is a solution. One air carrier in the United States promises to have plenty of room for everything that you are going to need to carry for no extra charge. Regardless if you are traveling overnight or for six months to one year, their planes carry everything for one low price, all you have to do is.....enlist

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James said...

This short but sweet article is so very true. Soon you will be charged for carrying a laptop computer on board.

jana said...

i need to enlist to carry

Gratcia said...

Haha! Was here yesterday and read this article, didn't get it at first then read it again and....Owww, ahhh, hahahaha.... so it's the army's plane (^^,)

Pardon me, I'm not from around here.. *L*