Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tips for Hotel Room Security

When you are staying at a hotel there are some simple things that you can do to keep your belongings and yourself safe. Taking just a few extra steps can keep your things safe:

When You Leave the Hotel Room

  • Leave on your TV or radio. You want it to be just barely audible from outside the room if you lean in close to the door. It does sound like someone is at home.
  • Leave your lights on with the curtains pulled shut. This way a sliver of light shines through. It appears that people are inside, but you can't just look right in to tell otherwise.
  • Hang your Do Not Disturb door tags. Leave them on throughout your stay. If you must, grab extra towels and other things from the Front Desk, but don't allow strangers access to your room and your things. The tags also give the impression you are busy inside, working or having a nice romantic vacation.
  • Hanging a Maid, Clean This Room tag is just advertising your absence. And not that maids will steal from you, but if they prop open your door while cleaning, and someone else strolls right on in, they won't assume the person ISN'T the proper hotel guest. How could they possibly know? Thieves count on stuff like this. If you've been flashing your cash, Rolex or Dell Inspiron 9300 about, you could well be marked for such a con.
  • The jury is out on safety of using hotel room safes. On the one hand it only tells people: "Valuables Inside." But on the other hand, where else are you going to put your traveler's checks, expensive watches and jewelry? Between the mattresses? In the toilet tank? I really don't have a satisfying conclusion on this one.

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eunice said...

Hey These are useful tips for any travelers! Thanks for sharing! ;)