Friday, June 6, 2008

Hilton Boston Back Bay Reservation Agent is the Airsick Jerk of the Week

Every time you call a business, especially a location that has a call center you run a better then average chance of getting a nimrod on the phone who has no business dealing with people. This was my experience tonight as I tried to change my reservation at the Boston Back Bay Hilton.

The socially retarded phone reservation agent told me that if I moved my reservation up 1 day my rate would increase $200 and then kept asking me if I wanted to cancel my reservation. Hotels are like airlines, they think very short term and don't realize their policies end up driving people and in the long run they loose money. I stay at this hotel 12 times a year and have probably spent over $10,000 in the past 12 months staying there. Thanks to the moron they have answering the phones at their reservation desk, they made some money for the three days I was going to be there because they will charge someone else for that room more then I was going to pay, but they lost a long term customer.

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