Monday, June 30, 2008

Delta Airlines to Charge Fees for Reward Tickets

Delta Air Lines said Monday it will begin charging fees for customers cashing in their frequent flier miles. Starting Aug. 15, Delta will add a $25 fuel surcharge for flights to domestic destinations and Canada. It will charge $50 for international flights.

The fees will not apply to passengers who have ticketed itineraries already or have tickets issued prior to August 15, regardless of the date of travel.

"The price of fuel has nearly doubled in the last year, causing considerable financial stress to Delta's business. As a result, Delta is implementing initiatives across all areas of the business to mitigate the extraordinary run up in fuel expense," said Jeff Robertson, managing director of Delta's SkyMiles program, in a statement.

The carrier also said it will launch other key initiatives for the SkyMiles program in the next 60 days. This would include charging $1.00 for every mile earned on your SkyMiles card, a $50 charge for the little extra plastic add on tag that you stick on your suitcase and of course the $10 smile fee when demanding the SkyMiles associate be nice to you.

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