Thursday, June 5, 2008

Continental Airlines Cutting 3,000 Jobs

If flight attendant or pilot is on your list of dream jobs you might want to scratch that off your list, the airlines are shedding jobs faster then Paris Hilton sheds clothes.

Continental Airlines said Thursday it is cutting 3,000 jobs and reducing capacity by 11%, a response to the record-high fuel prices that are triggering the industry's worst crisis since 9/11.

"The airline industry is in a crisis," wrote Larry Kellner, Continental's chairman and CEO, in a letter to employees. "Its business model doesn't work with the current price of fuel and the existing level of capacity in the marketplace."

So now you just know customer service is going to be wonderful. Not that they didn't have crappy attitudes before, this should kick it into high gear although frankly there are a good portion of airline employees who aren't even K-Mart material.

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