Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Bit of Irony From a United Pilot

Today I was flying to Orlando Florida and was at the "clear flyer" line at Dulles Airport. This line shares a checkpoint with airline employees at the airport, one of whom, a United Pilot, was very upset that people from the clear line had priority over him.

As I was standing in line, someone from the clear line was placed in front of him at which point he started on a diatribe about how it was discourteous for the clear passenger to go before him, that it was rude and so on.

I thought that was so funny, an airline person complaining about service at the airport then it started getting me a little mad because the passenger was simply following directions from the employees. It was at that point that the irony of the situation took a hold of me and decided that it was worth getting into a fight with this pilot to make my point.

As the United pilot was rambling on about how discourteous the clear passenger was being I spoke up and said "It could be worse, you could be a passenger on your airline, if you think this is discourteous you haven't seen anything until you have to be a passenger here".

I was waiting for a retort from the pilot but he wisely shut up and didn't say anything after that. On the other side of the screening checkpoint, the United pilot decided to complain to the TSA guy about cleared passengers getting priority in front of him. The TSA person said he has nothing to do with the process, its airport policy. The pilot then said "so you can't do anything about it? that stinks".

Once again I couldn't control myself and spoke up saying "imagine, having a service problem at the aiport and no one caring...how does that feel?".

After I left the screening area and I was walking to the gate I started going over in my mind all the things that I wished I would have said if I could could go back in time and I realized that missed out on allot of opportunity to vent. Some of the highlights that I was running through in my mind included:

" If you think that one person getting in front of you at the security line is a big deal, you wouldnt survive five minutes as a passenger because this is just the tip of the iceburg for us"

" Dealing with airline employees when your a passenger is week in week out pride swollowing seige that you will never understand"

" Airline employees should not be allowed to utter the words 'customer service' because it's a subject none of you understand"

" Before you go ranting about a customer service at the security line, clean up your own back yard because it makes you look like an idiot"

" Oh, and by the way, the guy who got in front of you is the reason you have a job so shut up"

Anyhow, next time this happens I will be prepaired. I thought I would share a little bit of airline employee irony with you.

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