Wednesday, June 4, 2008

And The Hits Just Keep on Coming !!

Today in travel news, and boy was there allot today, the inept U.S. Airline industry treated us to the newest cost cutting new for this week:

- United Airlines is laying of 1,600 more people and getting rid of Ted Airlines, United's low cost airlines. With any luck they will get rid of that socially retarded woman who stands in front of the priority ticketing line at Dulles Airport. Also, Ted was one of the most comfortable airlines around, nice they got rid of it.

- The airlines are considering charging people based on their weight. The airline industry says that due to high fuel costs, heavier passengers are costing more in fuel. " Flight attendants walk down the isles handing out belt extensions on U.S. flights like they were handing out headphones". I guess they have a point there and frankly I was all for making people who can't fit in 1 seat pay for 2, especially since I usually end up seated next to them. My questions is, are they going to tax the fat flight attendants, because I don't know if you have noticed lately, but most of the flight attendants on U.S. carriers weigh more then a Shetland Pony. Fair is fair

- In what could be the ultimate cost-cutting move by airlines buffeted by sky-high fuel prices, US Airways Group says it will eliminate free snacks in coach class on all its domestic flights starting June 1. The airline's largest hub is in Charlotte, North Carolina.

US Airways also says it has matched last week's fare hikes by United Airlines, AMR Corp.'s American Airlines and Delta Air Lines Inc. The increases are from $10 to $60 per round trip and vary based on the length of the flight.

US Airways spokesman Morgan Durrant says the move to cut free snacks was needed to save money in a time of extremely high fuel costs. The price of jet fuel has soared this year with crude oil prices in the $130-per-barrel range.

The airline is still providing complimentary soft drinks.

I know how you could kill 2 birds with 1 stone here, get rid of flight attendants to save weight on airplanes and give us back our damn peanuts. Ever since they changed their name from Stewardess to Flight Attendant they quit doing anything for anyone anyhow.

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