Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Air Sick Question of the Day

Hello everyone. Not to pick on a specific group of people but since my return flight from Texas this week prompted this questions,

"should overweight people have to buy two seats if they cant fit in one."

Now I am not the perfect model of healthy living by any stretch of the imagination but I can fit in my seat without bleeding over into my neighbors. I have had many flights seating next to someone who was XXL and ended up pressed against the bulkhead of the airplane because giaganto couldnt fit in his/her seat and I think it is definitely unfair.

I will be sitting in my seat at boarding time on the plane looking down the aisle and secretly praying to the airline god for the bohemouths walking towards me not to be in my aisle. I cant even begin to tell you how uncomfortable it is to have a 400 pound big mac monster interloping into your seat for 4 hours.

While I understand that there are some overweight people who cannot help it, still in the name of fairness and sanity if you cant fit the seatbelt around you, you should have to pay for the seat next to you.

The airlines could put a seat right next to the gate, just like they do with the luggage, that says "if your ass cant fit in this chair, buy another seat"

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Johnie said...

Haha, yeah! These dinosaurs should not be allowed on board at all, maybe make some special type of airlines for them ... thinking of a proper name for the company right now.


SheR. said...

Be careful there.. you might be sued for violating human rights! :P They will think why they have pay double for air plane tickets when they pay double for almost everything other thing.. clothes.. food...;P

Windyridge said...

I can't imagine how horrible it must be to be squashed in like that. You're right...something should be done but they'd cry discrimination!
Pics are hilarious!