Saturday, May 10, 2008

Where is Andrew This Week

Hello everyone, time for another installment of "Where is Andrew This Week". Amazingly Andrew is going to be in town all week long. I will be in Baltimore on Monday, but I am driving there and it's just a day trip, the rest of the week I am right here at home FINALLY !!! It's going to be very nice to not be in a hotel all week long and no airplanes or airport.

I hope everyone has a great week as well and while there will be no trip tales for the week as I am not traveling, don't worry I will be coming up with something for the blog and next week it's back on the road time to Las Vegas, staying at my wife's and I favorite place there so stay tuned.

Take care everyone

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Bilah 9 said...

las vegas...i`m looking forward that posting

SheR. said...

Ah.. no flying. Have a good rest on the ground. ;)

Anonymous said...

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