Thursday, May 29, 2008

Park Central Hotel New York City

I stayed at this hotel for business for 2 days. The room was ok, nothing special. The rooms and the hotel are a bit dated and worn. The bed was a little uncomfortable and a little old. The AC works but if you like a cool room it isn't going to get there. The hotel is in a good location and the rates are pretty good for a NY city hotel, but you aren't going to be very impressed with the hotel. Its not a bad hotel but you would expect a little more based on what the web site looks like.

If you can do some bargain shopping for better time square hotels you should, there are some fantastic hotels in the area, this isn't one of them. You wont be completely disappointed but there is nothing at this hotel that will impress you either. All the little things you look for in a full service hotel such as a newspaper in the morning, your bill under the door, furnishings in good order and reliable Internet are not here.

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