Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It Was 107 Today in Vegas

This is my second day in Vegas and the first day at my conference. With my convertible cars roof securely in the up and locked position with the A/C on max because it was 107 degrees here today, I set out at 7 am to the conference hotel. Most of the conference was good, there were a couple of speakers who put me to sleep, although that could have been the heat.

When I returned to the hotel at the end of the day my first stop was the fitness center. Since this is a resort they also have a spa with a steam room which I always look forward to. After I finished working out (in the A/C because if you ran outside you would simply die), I hit the spa and they had a great spa for sure. One of things that I liked the best was something I had never seen before, it was called a waterfall shower. As opposed to rain showers which you have in your own bathroom, this thing was like standing under an actual waterfall. Gallons of water fell from 10 feet up while you stood under it. It sounds painful but it was really great. I promised my wife that I would not stop in the casino tonight, last night as I was walking back from dinner I made a stop and put $20 in a machine and ended up playing on it for 3 hours. This would have been fine but I forgot to call and she was very sleepy, so tonight I didn't go. When I got done with dinner I called her right away but she had already fallen asleep and was mumbling when I was talking to her so I knew she wasn't going to remember any of our conversation.

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lira said...

Avee is really a sutil...hehe...