Sunday, April 27, 2008

Where is Andrew this Week

It is time once again for another episode of "Where is Andrew This Week". Well Andrew was going to be in San Antonio from Monday to Thursday this week but my meeting got canceled. As you can imagine my wife and dog are amazingly happy that Andrew is going to be at home this week !!

Well most likely be at home this, at least I will be at home more this week then I was going to be, there is still a chance that I might need to go to Miami Florida but that will only be for 1 night, much better then the 4 I was going to be on.

Since I caught a cold a week ago from my wife, and all the flying has infected my right ear from my cold and the airplane pressure, I am definitely glad I will be on the ground for a couple of days, maybe I will actually be able to hear again soon.

For those of you keeping track this our travel total adding last week to my year to date nights at Hilton:

HHonors #: ########

HHonors Diamond VIP


Qualifying Summary

Stays Completed: 33
Nights Completed: 67
Base Points: 142,945

I hope everyone out there has a great week!

The Air Sick Author

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caca said...

you go through all the bother of traveling, i doubt you are air sick. :)

MariaVictoria said...

good for you!