Monday, April 14, 2008

Where is Andrew this Week

Last week I was writing to you from Boston MA and it occurred to me that I really should post where I am going as this is a travel blog and every time I step into an airport or hotel a funny story usually appears on here.

This week Andrew will be in Denver Colorado, one of my favorite cities in the U.S. Several of my friends who were displaced from New Orleans during Katrina have moved to Denver and I am looking forward to seeing all of them. I will be staying at the Denver Hyatt at Tech Center and will post a review as soon as I get back.

After Denver Colorado I head to New York City, also a fun city to visit. I will be there for 2 days working in Manhattan, staying at the Doubletree Metropolitan Hotel on Lexington Ave. It's my first time staying at that hotel, and hotels in New York are always a mystery until you arrive so I will let you know how that goes. One thing I am looking forward to in New York is finally getting a good steak, they have the best steak houses in the world there.

My travels will end this Friday, and to my wife's relief this is my last 5 day trip for awhile, the rest are much shorter. Just so everyone can keep up, since I stay mainly at Hilton properties (every now and then Hyatt) I will post my current Hilton stats which is how I keep up with how many days I am on the road in the year. The stats are a rolling 1 year, so this is how many days I have stayed at Hilton Hotels in the past 12 months ouch !!!

Hope everyone has a great week !

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randiss said...

wow, i hope you'll have a great time in new york. i haven't been there but that's a city i plan to see! heheh...and to travel is really fun--work related or not.. hehe