Monday, April 7, 2008

Airline Complaints Rise ..... Gee Really

I am in Boston Massachusetts this week for a conference after having one of those flights from hell, being held hostage aboard a United flight from Washington D.C. Actually hostage might be wrong because I think even hostages get water and food in captivity, for the six hours I was sitting on the tarmac I didn't rate such privilege maybe I was a bad hostage.

I arrived at the hotel in Boston at 12:05 am and of course the restaurant closed at 12:00 am, so I managed to find a Chinese restaurant near the hotel and believe me, no food you have to find after midnight is going to be any good but at least it was food.

I awoke this morning to the USA Today newspaper with a headline that airline complaints have hit an all time high, not really news for me after living through it last night. I posted the results below but frankly, I don't think there is such a thing as a good airline anymore. Just remember, before you fly, be prepared and pack something to drink and eat until the air traffic controllers pay the ransom at release you.


Rate of consumer complaints per 100,000 passengers, according to the 2008 Airline Quality Rating survey by the Aviation Institute at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and Wichita State University. The study is based on Transportation Department statistics. The category covers complaints in 11 areas, including fares, ticketing, customer service, flight problems and animals.

Airline 2006 2007
Air Tran 0.62 0.83
Alaska 0.52 0.76
American 1.09 1.65
American Eagle 1.03 1.17
Atlantic Southeast 0.74 1.21
Comair 0.63 1.44
Continental 0.88 1.09
Delta 1.03 1.81
Frontier 0.49 0.66
JetBlue 0.40 0.78
Mesa 1.26 0.83
Northwest 0.88 1.43
SkyWest 0.68 0.71
Southwest 0.18 0.26
United 1.36 2.25
US Airways 1.36 3.16
Source: Airline Quality Rating survey

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