Thursday, April 3, 2008

Air Sick Lesson 5 Part 3 / Arriving at the Airport

You would seriously think that after having to stand in line an hour, you would have some idea of what you want to accomplish once you get to the ticket counter. Yet, there you are always stuck behind someone who is planning a coast to coast trip with 15 connections and wants to pay for the transaction by transferring money from their Swiss bank account., they also have 17 bags all weighing over 100 pounds each. This is where the “Have Your Shit Together” line would save a percentage of us time and maybe one less hour we have to be sedated during the travel process.

We might as well get this little item out of the way in the check-in section of this book, but it applies to every phase in the travel process. Unless you are going to pay me fifty dollars, I am not watching your damn kids. The airport is not a mall, Disney world or daycare. It is the one place on earth, other then court, that you can pretty much count on everyone being in a crappy frame of mind or at least on the path to it, and the last thing anyone at the airport wants are your kids running around unrestrained. They don’t want them running around in circles around us, they don’t want them sitting down in the middle of the concourse, they don’t want them hanging on the line ropes until they fall over or running up and down the isle of the airplane and most of all, at the airport, the only people who find your kids cute or entertaining is you.

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