Saturday, March 29, 2008

Worst Strip Hotel in Las Vegas - Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

I recently stayed at the Planet Hollywood for three nights for business/convention.

I have stayed at numerous hotels on the strip over the year. The quality is definitely going downhill fast as demand out paces supply there is no real incentive for strip hotels to improve as they are booking rooms anyhow.

Out of all the hotels I have stayed at on the strip, the planet hollywood has got to be the worst hotel I have ever stayed at. It is just down right gross. It reminds you of a 1970 holiday inn, and not the good ones and I was actually in a renovated room. I guess they are trying to come up with a theme for this place but I could never figure out what it is, they just threw plastic furniture around the room, added a plasma tv and called it a day. The bed is old, not very comfortable even though they have thrown a new duvet over it.

The bathrooms are just painful with a really wierd tub that I guess is masquerading as a spa tub but really looks like a big pail. The shower is old with no water pressure so you have to jog around it to get wet. The music is everywhere which is fine at night but not at 7 am when you want breakfast and have to listen to loud rock music. The maid service is horrible, other then making the bed I am not sure what they had done. There are only 2 towels in the room regardless if there are two of you there.

I cant think of one redeeming value to this hotel. My company paid for this room, I can assure you I would have walked out if I was paying. You would be out of your mind to pay more then $100 a night for a room at this place.

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