Saturday, March 22, 2008

Welcome to the World of Air Sick

Hello Everyone

Welcome to the beginning of my blog detailing the my trials and tribulations, joys and sorrows of my life on the road.

Having a job that requires 60-70% of my time crammed into a small aluminum tube at 35,000 feet week after week does give you an opportunity to watch humanity in a new light. An airport is like a big giant aquarium, people from every state, from all backgrounds and classes, crammed together like a heard of cattle. It is the perfect place to observe the good, bad and the ugly without regard of who we are or where we come from.

In this blog I will pass along my observations of the travel industry (airplane, hotels and rental cars) and the people forced to interact with them. There will be useful travel tips, hotels reviews, best placed to get a latte in the airport while at the same time, logging my observations of people at their best and worst along the way.

Just remember, at the end of the day, after dealing with airlines, hotels, the great unwashed sumo wrestler in the seat next to me...all I really want to do is get home to the people I do this for in the first place...just like all of us I would imagine.

Enjoy, have fun

Introduction to Air Sick:

If there is any occupation that you can choose on the planet that is a virtual Petri dish of socially retarded, self important, mindless autotrons it is the insurance industry. If that isn’t enough all you need to do spend a good portion of your time in an airport. While the insurance industry definitely has a lock on the garden variety asshole market the airport is where all the other garden variety assholes which didn’t choose the insurance industry as a career all come together in supercollider of overwhelming obnoxious behavior. Every loathsome quality the human race can demonstrate, and even some which haven’t been discovered yet, are drawn like a magnet to the worlds airports.

Having reached a certain psychological breaking point, and just not willing to self medicate myself anymore to get through being crammed into another supersonic toilet tissue roll like a mutant gerbil and hurled to my next destination I have taken to whiling away the hours writing down my observations like a kind of aeronautical wild kingdom episode. One this is for sure, we haven’t come that far from 4th grade.

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