Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Waldorf Astoria - New York, NY

I have been a hilton honors member for a long time but have never stayed at the Waldorf Astoria before, Hilton's "Flagship" hotel.

I was a bit nervous to book at this hotel based on the reviews but I figured I should at least stay at this hotel once for the experience.

Check in was very nice. Like the other reviews say, the lobby is beautiful and the staff was very helpful. I am a diamond member at hilton at they have a separate diamond reception desk to check you in which is very nice, I wish other Hilton hotels had this.

The diamond desk rep was very nice and gave me a large room overlooking park ave with a bathroom that was actually bigger then the bedroom.

While we are talking about the bathroom, let me say it was the best part of the room. The bathroom in this room was huge and had a very nice tub/shower and lots of room with a huge changing area. The room came with two robes and slippers which was nice and if you are an HH member you get free water from the mini-bar. Unfortunately that is where the amazement ends. The bedroom, while not bad, was not what I would expect from a flagship hotel. The TV was about as old as the hotel was and the furnature and fixtures are showing their age.

The architecture in the room is very impressive with vaulted ceilings, arched walkways and a huge arch above the tub. The ceiling fixtures are classic, but the old wallpaper and peeling paint really take away from it. The carpet is quite old and faded and the bed is actually not as nice as most hilton bed I stay in.

I realize that this is a classic hotel and very old but really, does it take that much effort to keep it up, they manage it at the plaza just fine, and its a shame because honestly, even though its a classic hotel and the service was wonderful I would most likely not return. Another detractor from the hotel is the price gouging that continually gets you. Room service for a burger, coke and desert was $70, parking was $55, internet was $23 a day, you will not eat in the hotel for under $70 a person no matter what restaurant you choose. I might not have minded the prices so much if they were re-investing that money into making the hotel as classy as they would like to think it was.

I would recommend staying at the hotel once for the experiance of staying at a classic hotel, then find a better one in NY, there are many.

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