Sunday, March 23, 2008

Travel Tip One From Air Sick / Picking an Airline

When planning your voyage yourself there is an important thing to remember, the price of anything involving your trip from the airlines to the hotel has absolutely nothing to do with what you are going to get. You have to detach yourself from the reality of all the consumer transactions you perform because the travel industry doesn’t operate on any rational rule of pricing, relying instead on a complicated algorithm devised by either a MIT professor on the edge of a complete nervous breakdown or an airline CEO’s kid on the back of fruity pebbles box. Either way, as long as you remember that price does not equate to quality, quantity or even the assurance you will get what you buy, you will be fine.

There are certain rules that business travelers try to keep in mind when booking a flight. Everyone has their airline of choice, usually tied closely to their frequent flyer program and elite status which provides a few benefits but is really the airline industry’s pole and carrot. Even prisoners in maximum security would appreciate a slightly larger cell from time to time. There are legacy carriers, named this from their ability to stay alive longer then anyone else, then there is the budget carriers who while saving you money are the modern day equivalent of the greyhounds of the sky.

The rule to remember with carriers is even though you are loyal to particular airlines; do not under any circumstances believe that airlines are loyal to you. Contrary to the basic rules of business that govern the entire world, your repeat business means absolutely nothing to the Hannibal Lechter School of business graduate behind the counter. Even so it is best to try to stick with one airline for nothing less then to get a few free tickets and a chance to board before anyone else. They all are just as bad, try and pick the one that drives you to drinking the least. For those of you who are elite level flyer's on an airline, don' t think for two seconds it makes you Donald Trump, you are just like all the rest of us and remember, if you really were special you would have your own jet so shut up, sit down and eat your damn peanuts.

For those of you picking an airline for your family vacation which you squeeze in between emails once every five years, I suppose the budget carriers are fine, they will probably save a few bucks and anyone can endure one flight a year. If you want to fit in better, consider buying yourself a pair of horns and strapping them to your head, as long as you are going to be herded from line to line you might as well look the part.

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