Friday, March 28, 2008

Chicago's O'Hare Airport - The Worst Airport in the US

I just got home from yet another connection turned fiasco at O'Hare Airport. I have planned flights that transfer in Denver so I dont have to go through O'Hare and I have never once had a plane that took off or landed from that airport on time.

To make matters worst, when you are delayed at O'Hare for hours on end there is no where in the entire airport to sit down and eat or rest except for the worlds worst Chili's. This is the only sit down restaurant in the entire airport and is always packed with people who's flights are delayed for hours on end making getting into Chili's a two hour ordeal.

I am not the only one who thinks O'Hare is the armpit of the worlds airports..take a look at this assortment of articles:

Leisure and Travel Magazine -

The Worst U.S. Airports

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The Worst U.S. Airports

1. (tie) Chicago O'Hare (ORD)

Delayed flights: 35%
O'Hare's 28% delay rate last year made it No. 1; its drop means it maintains the dubious title (tied with JFK) of America's airport with the most delays.
See the 2006 Best & Worst Airports results here
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Source: Bureau of Transportation Statistics

The Worst U.S. Airports

Most Miserable Airports

This table ranks the 47 largest hub and nonhub airports according to a combination of on-time performance and average load factor. The airports with the highest Airport Misery Index have the worst combination of late and crowded flights.

On-time performance data are year to date through April 2007. Load factor data are year to date through February 2007.

Airport City/Name of airport Pct. of flights on time Percentage of flights delayed Average load factor Misery Index ranking (lower is better)
DTW Detroit: Detroit Metro Wayne County 61.1 39.0 76.9 47
ORD Chicago: O Hare 57.7 42.3 75.8 46

Worst Airports

This just in! London's Heathrow Airport and Chicago's O'Hare International have been named the worst airports in the world.

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