Sunday, March 30, 2008

Air Sick Lesson 5 Part 1 / Arriving at the Airport

Now that you have threaded the travel need of selecting your flight, seat, hotel and rental car you begin the pride swallowing siege of your trip. The reality of how amazingly backwards the airlines industry really is becomes readily apparent the minute you arrive at the airport. After you drag your belongings from the parking lot into the main terminal you are confronted with the check-in counter. The scene is something straight out of Gladiator, with weapon toting ogres manning the coliseum awaiting the next prey to enter their realm.

After taking your place in line, a line resembling something out of Disney World, which snakes around the terminal lobby in an endless sea of human mass, any hope of a smooth transaction fades from your thoughts. The length of the line at the check-in counter has a direct relationship between the numbers of representatives helping you. The larger the line, the less service representatives. Actually there are quite a few service personnel behind the desk, and you while away the hours trying to figure out what they are doing. For ever one airline representative actually assisting passengers behind the desk, there are five others planning their lunch, playing Nintendo, balancing their checkbook, you can decide for yourself, I have yet to figure it out.

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