Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Air Sick Lesson 4 Part 1 / The Airline Seat

Today I flew from my home to Minneapolis MN. I have some karmic destiny to always end up with a human walrus sitting next me who is constantly flowing over into my seat so I thought I would blog tonight about the airline seat. This is part one of several blogs I will rant about airline seats.

A couple of airlines made the bold move of requiring human double wides to purchase two seats. Realizing that while most humans are larger then 17”, a good portion of Americans, particularly your garden variety business travelers are pushing the edge of weight envelope. A lot of us have watched the news reports about America’s problem with obesity, but its one thing to watch about it on TV or your local buffet, its another thing entirely to be sandwiched between two fat ass khaki clad business heifers.

I am no picture of perfect health, but I do fit in the seat that paid for and in the base case scenario when I my row mate is the size of their seat we are constantly invading each other bubble of comfort on a flight. I am sorry that there are people out there that haven’t met a side of beef they didn’t like, but that 17” is mine and I don’t share. If you cant squeeze your frame into the space you paid for, geometry tells us you interlope on others space and since you didn’t kick in for my ticket I have no problem at all with the airlines making our larger brethren pay for another seat, or at a minimum you can just pass me $100 for every inch you push me into the isle.

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