Monday, March 24, 2008

Air Sick Lesson 3 / Choosing Your Seat

Next step is seat selection, there really is a difference from plane to plane and airline to airline and learning them all should earn you college credits. There are a few basic rules though to seat selection. First rule, the further back in the airplane you go, the worse your seat is in general. First, it keeps you on the plane longer the absolutely necessary, we will cover the dynamics of people getting on and off a plane later, but trust me it never goes the way it should and there is no reason to subject yourself to the confines of the plane any longer then necessary. Now I can’t prove this although it makes since to me, I really believe the seats towards the back are smaller. I have no scientific evidence to this and I am sure that the airlines would never admit it, but even a layperson can look at the shape of a plane and realize that it narrows towards the back. If the isle is the same size all the way down the plane then where does the space go? The last point on plane location is just superstitious on my part, every time you see a plane crash on the news it always involves a crane pulling out the tail section out of the water, side of a building, from the mouth of a hungry alligator, take your pick. Some of you might say that this proves if I sit in the back then I have better chance to survive because they always find that section in one piece but here is the thing; you might be able to survive falling off a 32,500 foot building, if they made building with 3,200 floors, but I am pretty sure that I wouldn’t want to go through life with my feet coming out of mouth. For me, I want to sit where it will be quick and painless…with an emphasis on the word quick, I don’t want to live through the damn thing and end up being a circus act for the rest of my life.

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